Based in New York City, Phase One Network, Inc. specializes in the acquisition, management and leveraging of intellectual property through various media revenue streams.  Conducted as a “digital asset management company” rather than a record label, Phase One Network has a uniquely refreshing outlook on the music industry.  As an aggressive entrepreneurial corporation, Phase One Network provides the attentive services of a boutique firm combined with the necessary resources to create all the elements and environments that are vital to increase the value, revenue and demand for any acquired assets.

Phase One Network is continuously seeking out and acquiring a variety of under-exploited music catalogs, and as a result, currently owns and controls the assets of over 40 labels including Warlock Records, Moist Music, Sleeping Bag Records, N-Coded Music, and P&P Records.   These assets consist of more than 15,000 Master Recording and Copyrights combined, as well as photo images, and video from the last four decades.   As such, Phase One Network lays claim to an array of artists, producers and DJ’s across a variety of genres, including dance, electronic, freestyle, jazz, soul and many more.

In an effort to maximize the exploitation of our numerous media assets, Phase One Network provides viable creative services, comprehensive administration and the technology that enables our intellectual properties to thrive.   The infrastructure of Phase One Network is organized and managed wherein each employee is knowledgeable and experienced in various aspects of the industry, while individually specializing in an essential component of the company.  This balanced layout includes administration, financing, distribution, marketing/promotion, radio promotion, production, accounting, technology, publishing and licensing.

Phase One Network strives to position and leverage its assets of independent music into entertainment and media companies in the form of TV, film, video, radio, and Internet and maintains close relationships within the industry.   Likewise, Phase One Network explores all aspects of new media with respect to developing revenue streams, technology and social network profile strategies.

Phase One Network was established as a New Jersey for-profit corporation in 2003.  Phase One Network operates on an entirely unique and original structure of business in the music industry; one orchestrated to produce maximum revenue potential through an absolute strategy of measured success.

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